My name is Liz and I am a Spoonie, a professional Netflix-And-Chiller, a night owl, an #essentialoil aficionado, and a survivor of West Nile Virus. I like Thieves Oil in my diffuser, my dog Sinatra on my lap, my parrot Crosby on my shoulder, and Game Of Thrones on my TV. I have tried just about everything for my physical issues and have come to realize that I’m just never going to be healed, but I have gotten as better as I’m going to get, thanks to a variety of treatments, essential oils, injections, medications, and a lot of prayer. I’m willing to try just about anything once but only try things a second time if the results were truly impressive. Which is why, when I tell you I recommend something, you can trust that I’ve done my research, tried it myself multiple times, and will put my full weight behind the rec. Come along with me for the ride on Our Spoonie Life.