Essential Oils

When I first heard about Essential Oils, I thought they were a total waste of time, money, and effort. I’m not the type of person who usually buys into these things, and I used to hear wild things about them, like “they’ll cure cancer!” and “they cured me of my diseases!” Then I sat down (I was forced) and listened to one person give her testimony about them, then I listened to a second person do the same, and they were people I respected. People I didn’t think would lie to me. And they were saying all these amazing things! They both wanted me to try them because they knew of all my physical problems and believed that this would help. So, partially to please them, I decided it couldn’t hurt to try. I was desperate for pain relief and really, I’d try just about anything. Five months later I still don’t think that they can cure cancer or every diseases, but I will stand before anyone and testify that they have changed my life. They not only help my pain, but they do numerous other things! In fact, in the time that I’ve used them, I’ve gotten absolutely addicted to them!

I use them for pain relief, to calm down when I’m anxious, to clean my house without using toxic chemicals (important because Crosby, my parrot, can’t be around chemicals), to make my house smell good, to ward off sickness, to treat illness and disease (yes, some of them actually do treat illnesses, I admit it), and for a hundred other things. I went from a total naysayer to a believer. All I did was try them and their usefulness spoke for itself. I’ll highlight a few of the things that I used them for here, and you’re welcome to ask me questions!

First, I use my essential oils for pain. I drop Panaway, Rosemary, Wintergreen, Copaiba, and Peppermint Oils in my bath and soak with some epsom salts. After soaking for twenty minutes (or more) my fibro pain is completely gone! And as a plus, it smells absolutely wonderful. The pain stays gone long enough for me to get to sleep, which for me is the hardest time of the day. I also made a pain cream, using all those same oils and mixing them into coconut oil and beeswax (I’ll post the recipe sometime soon) and rub it all over my body. It does the same thing as the bath, though the pain relief doesn’t last as long. When I get a migraine I use an oil called M-grain that helps my aura and nausea and most of my other symptoms. It, combined with other remedies, takes my migraine away, and it smells amazing in the process.

I have problems with anxiety and using Stress Away Oil has really helped me. I also use Lavender Oil on my hands at night to relax me to help me sleep. Sleeping is really hard for me, and between my baths and putting Lavender Oil on my hands, I haven’t had problems sleeping in months. That is a huge battle won for me.

I also use my essential oils for cleaning. I put 2o drops of lemon oil in a glass jar of vinegar and use it to spray down my floors and shower. I use Thieves cleaner to clean Crosby’s bird cage and most other surfaces in my home (and the smell is AMAZING). I put Purification oil on cotton balls in the bottom of my trash can to keep it smelling nice. I put Thieves oil into 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol and use that on my quartz countertops and the shine is beautiful, not to mention the smell is amazing (it’s that Thieves oil!).

My favorite oils to diffuse is Thieves oil (when you buy the starter kit, which I highly recommend, you get most of the oils I’m mentioning plus a diffuser) but Lavender oil at night is nice, lemon oil makes my house smell like it was just cleaned (even if it wasn’t!), and many of the other oils have their own unique uses and smells.

I could go on and on about all of them. I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has about them. The big thing for me is how much they’ve helped my pain and anxiety. Those are two issues I deal with a lot and having the oils always in my purse (I made little travel-sized roller-balls of all of them) is so comforting. I can’t recommend them highly enough and any spoonie who is floundering for something to help, well, I believe with all my heart that these will help.

It’s important to say that not just any essential oils will work. For me, anything below therapeutic grade will make my pain worse (believe me, I’ve tried them). The ones on Amazon and at Walmart are not therapeutic grade and they made me have migraines like you would not believe. The company I choose to use is Young Living because they have the highest quality and the best rewards program. Their starter kit has 11 oils in it, most of the ones I’ve mentioned, along with a diffuser. You can buy individual oils if you prefer, but I really think that the starter kit is the best idea for someone starting out. It gives you the most popular oils (including some really expensive ones) in a smaller size so that you can try them. You can purchase Young Living Essential Oils here.